Have the luxury of spending the day in the hills of Tennessee playing the music you have created in our 4,000 square foot  rehearsal hall. With a 30' x 50' full-sized stage and an in-house PA, bands and artists will have all that they need to construct a powerful performance and transfer their experience with us to the main stage in front of a live audience. Along with the fully equipped rehearsal space, guests will have the option to purchase food and beverages on site, giving more time to put towards rehearsal and less time to worry about anything else but the music.


Rehearsal Hall:

The price to rent out the rehearsal Hall is $800 for a full 12 hour day, 9:00am - 9:00pm

Boxed Lunches:

Choice of wraps:

• Grilled Chicken Wrap with Mesculin, Garden Tomatoes and Homemade Pesto Spread
• Roast Beef Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread, Baby Spinach and Horseradish Spread

• Black Forest Turkey Breast on Pumpernickel with Honey Mustard, Brie Spread and Lettuce
• Grilled Veggie Wrap with Roasted Pepper Hummus and Feta

All lunches include a side of roasted sweet potato salad with herbs & extra virgin olive oil, crunchy homemade pickle, and a water or soda.

All Boxed Lunches are $12 which are made and delivered on-site


• Water - $1

• Soda  - $1

• Beer -  $4

• Natchez Hills Vineyard Wine - tasting and bottles available for purchase in Tasting Room located next to                Rehearsal Hall

Deposit and Cancellation Policy...

All clients interested in booking time at Natchez Hills Studio are required to make a deposit of 50% the estimated charges thirty days prior to their recording date. If the recording date is less then thirty days away, the deposit must be made at the time of booking. The balance for the remainder of all charges, including any added fees incurred during the recording session or damaged equipment, must be paid before the client's audio tracks are released.


If a client needs to cancel their scheduled session for any reason, it must be done 72 hours prior to the start time. If the client cancels his or her session less then 72 hours in advance half of their deposit will be forfeit. If cancellation is made within 24 hours of the session the full deposit is forfeit.